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Meeting of INBOC Office Bearers & CCMs (National Level) & All State Units on 13.08.2022 at 5.30 pm

It has been decided to hold meeting of Office Bearers & Central Committee Members of Indian National Bank Officers’ Congress (INBOC), All India Body (National Level) and Office Bearers & Committee Members of INBOC State Bodies on 13th August, 2022 (Saturday) at 5.30 pm on Zoom Platform to discuss the following agenda.

1. Preparation of Charter of Demands to be submitted to IBA regarding Wage Revision of officers due on 01.11.2022.

2. Election of New Working President and to consider Elevation of existing Working President as President.

3. Venue and Date to be decided to hold next General Conference.

4. Venue and Date to be decided to hold Physical Central Committee Meeting of INBOC.

5. Any other issue with permission of Chair.

All Committee Members and Office Bearers are requested to participate on Virtual Platform as per details given in invitation letter sent to all Office Bearers & Committee Members on their personal WhatsApp.

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