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Dharna Before Parliament on 21.07.2022 - INBOC Participation.

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Today on 21.07.2022 (Thursday) on a call given by UFBU a massive Dharna was organised before Parliament near Jantar Mantar, Parliament Street New Delhi. wherein all the constituents of UFBU participated. Nearly 700 members from all our 9 constituent unions participated in the programme and made it an impressive success.

INBOC was represented by Mr. Purshottam Verma, President, Mr. Pradeep Gupta, General Secretary & Mr Chander Bhan, DGS, INBOC (Delhi State) along with good number of members from All India Bank of Baroda Officers' Association & other Affiliates of INBOC. Our leaders have also put forth INBOC's view point in their address to the participants.

We wish all the success in the future programmes to be organised by UFBU in our fight against Privatisation of Public Sector Banks.

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