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Baroda Gujrat Gramin Bank Unit Activities

A meeting of the Committee of Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank Officers Congress was held on 16/04/2023 at Vadodara.

Sh. Sunil Padhye, Zonal. Secretary of Baroda zone of All India Bank of Baroda Officers Association (AIBOBOA) and Senior Vice President of Indian National Bank Officers Congress (INBOC) graced the occasion.

Before the start of the meeting, the delegation of Executive Committee Shri Prakash soni,Shri Vibhakar shelat,Shri Lalit Chauhan,Shri Mohamad Javed Vora,Shri Satyen Arya personally visited the newly appointed Board of Directors of our Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank Mr. Tejas Desai and apprised him about the functioning of our association, working of management and various staff issues. He assured that the association would get the necessary co-operation. The matter was reported in the committee meeting.

During the deliberations, the issues of delay in new recruitment and promotion in the bank, various HR issues, violation of transfer and promotion policy were discussed. Discussed in detail about staff benefits like officiating, medical, eligibility criteria of staff housing loan, compassionate appointment and staff benefits of retiring members.

Efforts by the Association to have Union representation on Bank Boards as a Directors, Trustee in Pension/PF/NPS Funds as well as the member of ICC were informed. After a long discussion, it was decided that a charter of demand should be given to the bank management to resolve all these issues and if all these issues are not resolved within the stipulated time, then a notice of agitation should be given to the management.

Preparation of AIGBOC & AIGBEC convention to be held in Kerala on 27-28/05/2023 were deliberated.

UNI Global Union is organizing the World Union Conference in Philadelphia, USA in August 2023. 2 persons including women were selected from our union as delegates. Our association can ensure their participation at the world level: this was expressed with pride.

All the members present in today's meeting participated in active discussion and at the end of the meeting all the members present and especially Mr. Sunil Padhye zonal secretary of All India Bank of Baroda Officers Association and all the members present in the committee meeting for the venue allotted to us for the meeting. The meeting was concluded by expressing thanks

Shri S.G.Nagori (President) & Shri Prakash Soni (General Secretary) BGGBOC

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