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All India Gramin Bank Officers' Congress (AIGBOC) & All India Gramin Bank Employees Cong. Activities

All India Gramin Bank Officers' Congress and All India Gramin Bank Employees' Congress led by Mr. Prakash Soni and Sh. K.Rajiv General Secretaries have organised Working Committee Meeting of the twin organisations on 04.09.2022 at K.K.Nair Learning Centre of AIBOBOA, New Delhi in the presence of Sh. C.R.Kansal, Senior Vice President, Indian National bank Officers' Congress (INBOC) which was attended by Officers and Committee Members from Gujrat, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Sh. Prakash Soni, Sh.Dharminder Kumar, Sh. Ram Kumar Kaswan, Ms. Ankita Patel, Sh. Ram Niwas Dhaka while addressing the gathering highlighted issues concerning officers and employees and sought INBOC intervention in settling some of the issues.

Sh. C.R.kansal, Senior Vice President INBOC in his address exhorted the AIGBOC & AIGBEC leaders to involve more and more youngsters in the organisation, keep connect with grassroot level members, have more and more GBMs, and make use of technology to publicise your activities. He assured the gathering that matters concerning intervention of INBOC will be taken up at the appropriate platforms by INBOC General Secretary Sh. Prem Kumar Makker ji.

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