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AIGBOC - Activities

During 2nd week of August 2022, Team AIGBOC (All India Gramin Bank Officers' Congress), an important affiliate of INBOC, led Mr. Prakash Soni, All India General Secretary has undertaken visits to the branches of Patan Region (BGGB Gujarat ) to increase the membership.

This Membership mobilization camp has got very good response from bank staff resulting in many new members joining to their fold.

It has been experienced that such branch visits, membership drive campaigns help to make grass root level connect with the officers/ Members.

With such campaigns by forming an active member group, the staff gets attached with the union and they definitely give you positive response. This effort of AIGBOC is very much successful.

INBOC congratulates Mr.Prakash Soni and his vibrant team for consistently working for growth of the organisation.

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